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Easy Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Lollies Recipe


People are always looking for ice lolly recipes, and it's great if you can find something different once in a while. Ice lollies are often associated with summer time, days out on the beach and warm, sunny holidays. offers package holidays and deals during the summer and all year round, but this is about the recipes that you can find for ice lollies that you and your family can enjoy this summer.


While ice lollies are generally thought of as being fruity and usually make from fruit juice, there are several other things that you can use to make ice lollies. One popular ingredient to use for lollies is yoghurt. You can purchase low fat yoghurt, healthy yoghurt or normal yoghurt priced quite cheaply at the supermarket.

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LAKE GARDA - lollipop holiday destination
Lake Garda is bordered to the East by Mount Baldo which seperates it from the valley of the Adige; to the West by a chain of steep mountains which give it the look of a fijord, into which open impressive bays, to the South by a line of morainic hills which run from Said up to the foot slopes of mount Baldo. Picturesque roads run along all banks of the lake (particularily characteristic of the western area of Garda) while others branch off inland, offering to the tourists the possibility to reach enchanting places. 200 metres from the headland of S. Felice, in Valtensesi, is situated the isola del Garda, the largest and most important among those which dot the surface. It is 110 metres long and has a medium width of 65 metres.

The characteristic winds of Garcia: the Sover or Suer (called Bali on the bank of Trento) which blows from the mouth of the bank and disappears towards S. Vigilio. The Ander is often violent, it blows from west to east and brings good weather when it begins after midday and stops before sunset, bad when it goes on during the morning; it predicts a change in the weather. The Avreser (Balestro) it blows from every part and brings diffuse clouds and changes and mixed weather. The evening winds are called Montese, which means mountainous. From the west comes the Ora which is a regular wind and helps navigation. The Refol is a spring wind, sudden and short which el moresa, meaning flirts). From the gableboard, in the winter arrives the Gardesana of Grancher or Luganot: it brings fog or variable weather. From the mouth of Vobarno (above Salo) comes the Bovaren which brings cold weather. Administratively Garda belongs to three regions (Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino) and to three provinces (Brescia, Verona and Trento). The villages of the lake are grouped into one community (community of Garda).

This fascinating chapter on the geological history of Garda is still being enlarged by the scholars in order to understand it’s full importance. There has also been put forward the hypothesis of a fifth glaciation— Donau— reemerging over sevenhundred thousand years ago. In this temporal dimension it is not easy to understand the sense of deep changes, the climatic ups and downs, which first of all, between one glaciation and another determined the vegetative development and afterwards the multiplication of fauna and the very living possibilities of man. In synthesis, according to the scholars, this was environmental evolution due to the glaciations: archaic conifers in Danau, from a really cold climate; the progressive increase of conifers and of broad leafed trees, still archaic, with the retreat of Danau, in a period of milder climate, which was still however cool; cold flora to conifers, during the Gunz glaciation, with the appearence, in the clay-like sand of the iced-over lake, of microscopic algae; the first species of oak, chestnut, and hornbeam probably appeared during the interstages of Gunz; with it’s clear predomination of the * hornbeam oak", and the progressive thining out of the archaic woods in the interglacial Gunz- Mindel period; forests of conifers in the Mindel period, the most ancient of the ices which built the morenaic benacensi hoops; the most ancient human industries of the paloelithic age appeared in the interglacial Mindel-Riss period (also called the “grand interglacial period"); the highest circle of bills, which make up the divide to the south of the amphitheatre and contain the principle peat-bogs (the very Poladc which was the scat of the *Polade civilisation" during the bronze age) was formed during the rissiana glaciation; in the inter glacial Risi Wurua period the climate was temperate-humid and subatlantic, favouring the growth of a varied forest between the mountainous and tub mountainous regions, with conifers {fit, puca, pine) and broad ksafed tree* (oak, rim, Itme/ree, hornbeam) with the appearence among the conifers of the yew tree and among the broad leafs.